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Photography by Robin Broadbent

a new material

As pioneers in biofabrication, we introduce a new material built with proteins and bio-based polymers. In a time of increasing concern about the effects of climate change, Zi™ offers brands a climate positive solution without having to compromise their creativity.


Zi™ is made from a unique Bio-Alloy™ designed to maximize performance and sustainability at the molecular level. For those looking to go animal-free and reduce the usage of virgin plastic, Zi provides an uncompromised solution.


Zi™ is a material that is abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and durable, providing long-lasting performance. Zi also retains its shape and resists creasing for maximum comfort on the move.

amplifying sustainability

zi is
climate positive

Our holistic approach to sustainability allows us to remain steadfast to our principles while simultaneously meeting the specific goals of our customers.

reduce ghg emissions

Zi™ reduces GHG emissions by an estimated 30% compared to conventional synthetic materials and by an estimated 90% compared to traditional chrome-tanned leathers.

reduce fossil fuel derived inputs

Zi’s Bio-Alloys™ reduce fossil-derived inputs by more than 50% compared to synthetic materials.

produce animal-free materials

No animal products are used in our material or processing. Zi is a plant-derived biofabricated material.

support material longevity

Zi is built to last, supporting circularity by reducing production and end-of-life waste.

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